Some customers experience clicking, static noise, or failure to mute when using Shush and GoToMeeting.  It seems that GoToMeeting and Shush are fighting over the mic.  Shush detects if the mic becomes unmuted (or muted) when it doesn't expect and will enforce the correct state.

We haven't been able to find a suitable solution yet, but the steps below might help workaround the issue for you.  These steps will guide you through creating an unmutable Aggregate Device that will serve as the audio input for GoToMeeting.  My hope is that giving GoToMeeting an unmutable device will prevent it from trying to unmute the mic when Shush is managing it.

Start by launching "Audio MIDI Setup" which lives in your Applications/Utilities folder.

1) Click the [+] button.
2) Click "Create Aggregate Device" from the popup.

Check the input devices you want to add to this new Aggregate Device, but don't let the name fool you, you can use a single device if you like.

Now choose this new Aggregate Device in GoToMeeting.