Sorry Windows users, this feature is only available in the Mac OS X version of Divvy 1.3.8 and later.

For various reasons, I've decided to hide this feature, so here's how to do it.

Export Shortcuts

To export shortcuts, open a new Safari or Firefox browser (Chrome doesn't work for some reason), and type this into the URL bar:


Note: You don't want "http://" in the beginning, since "divvy://" is the actual URI scheme.

If it works, you should see this dialog from Divvy:

Export Shortcuts

This will put a URL like the following into your clipboard:

divvy://import/YnBsaXN0MDDUAQIDBAUGLzBYJHZlc... (this goes on for a while)

Save your clipboard contents into a new text file, or however else you might choose to preserve the URL.

Import Shortcuts

Note: Importing will replace any shortcuts you currently have defined.

On your second Mac, open a new Safari or Firefox browser (again Chrome doesn't work), and paste the import URL into the URL bar.

If all goes well, you'll see a dialog similar to the following:


Import Shortcuts


Open Divvy's preferences and confirm the Shortcuts.

If you don't see your shortcuts, or Divvy is behaving strange after importing, try restarting Divvy to see if that sets you right.



If you're adventurous, here's an example import URL you can use to import a new set of shortcuts into Divvy using the Import Shortcuts steps above.
Keep in mind, this will replace any shortcuts you currently have defined!